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I'm Julie.

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My work is informed by my background in Psychology and Teaching. I specialised in child development and worked as a Primary School Teacher. In addition to my degree in Psychology and my PGCE, I went on to gain a BA Hons degree in Fine Art and a post graduate qualification in art psychotherapy. This led to me running my own business delivering arts projects to schools and the wider community, with a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing fostered through art.


As my own work has developed, I would describe my practise as mixed media textiles. I experiment with changing the surface qualities of fabric using processes that reflect meaning and combine these fabrics into out of context garments and doll like figures. These stand alone, but can be combined to create installations intended to engage the viewer and evoke an emotional response. 


2022 Gaunson Creative Studios Open Studio

2022 Mile End Art Pavilion London Prism Textiles

2021 Mile End Art Pavilion London Prism Textiles

2021 Marmite Girls Camden Image Gallery


2019 The Victoria Institute Arundel Festival Gallery Trail     

2019 Open Studio Euroart London      

2019 Hoxton Arches London Prism Textiles      

2019 The Oxmarket Gallery Chichester  

2018 Open Studio Euroart London    

2018 Marmite Girls, The Oxmarket Gallery Chichester    

2017 The Garden Museum London          

2017 The Zetter Townhouse London  

2017 South London Botanical Institute London      

2017 Open Studio Euroart London          


2016 St Pancras Crypt Gallery London             

2016 10.30 Group St Pancras Crypt Gallery London      

2016 Waterloo Gallery London           

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